Intel announced that 2nm has regained its leading position in technology! Lu Xingzhi: TSMC is also quite nervous

Intel turned from loss to profit in the second quarter. Lu Xingzhi, a former well-known foreign analyst, believes that “the worst is over.” Intel has issued a bold statement that it is expected to regain the leading position in technology from TSMC in 2025. Lu Xingzhi said frankly that if TSMC’s research and development speed is too slow, and it is likely to be overtaken. At present, some equipment manufacturers are also optimistic about Intel’s progress in 2nm/1.8nm.

According to Intel’s second-quarter financial report, revenue was US$12.9 billion, an annual decrease of 15%, which was higher than analysts’ expectations of US$12.13 billion; gross profit margin was 35.8%, a decrease of 0.7 percentage points compared with the same period last year; net profit was US$1.5 billion, and earnings per share were 0.35% US dollars, higher than the loss of 0.11 US dollars per share in the same period last year, and also higher than the loss of 0.03 US dollars per share expected by analysts.

At the same time, Intel emphasized that it will use 2nm/1.8nm to take back the leading process technology from TSMC in 2025. Lu Xingzhi said, “If TSMC’s 2nm is the same as 3nm, and the distance between 5nm and 5nm is 3~4 years, it will may be overtaken”, but he believes that TSMC’s execution is much stronger, and he hopes that the management will not make the same mistake, and revealed that “some equipment manufacturers are quite optimistic about Intel’s 2nm/1.8nm progress, and TSMC is also very nervous internally. scout for news.”

However, Lu Xingzhi also said that he does not know whether semiconductor equipment manufacturers use this news to scare TSMC, so that TSMC does not dare to cut orders from equipment manufacturers.

As for Intel’s foundry business, it was US$230 million in the second quarter, a quarterly increase of 97% and an annual increase of 90%. Compared with TSMC’s US$15.7 billion, Lu Xingzhi thinks it’s better to sell one wafer and pay half a wafer. I don’t know. When will Intel separate manufacturing and design accounting.

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