James Cameron is working on the script for the new “Terminator” impressed by the success of ChatGPT

At the Dell Technologies World 2023 event, director James Cameron announced that he had to postpone work on the script for the next Terminator movie. The reason is a lot of questions about how neural networks will develop in the modern world. Cameron is openly inspired by the explosive growth in popularity of AI systems like ChatGPT, and intends to make them the protagonists of the upcoming film. But he does not yet have an understanding of how to reflect this on the big screen.

The new “Terminator” should be a creative experiment in which the events of reality from the world of technology inspire the creation of a fantasy story – and not vice versa, as was usually the case in culture. The measure is forced, since the franchise must work and make a profit, but all the latest films about a killer robot from the future have failed at the box office. Unsuccessful attempts to reflect modern social, cultural and political realities in the “Terminator” do not resonate with the audience.

Despite the fact that the cinematic Skynet has already become a cliché, philosophical reflections on where the development of artificial intelligence will lead humanity continue. And civilian neural networks can turn out to be more dangerous than military AI systems , as people themselves let them into their lives and trust important aspects of being. On the other hand, without action scenes involving frightening robots, the franchise is not viable, and it is rather problematic to imagine how a text or graphics editor is trying to effectively destroy a living 


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