Hackers began to attack Russian companies with letters with viruses

Hackers began sending phishing emails with viruses to Russian companies

Hackers began sending phishing emails containing malware to Russian companies. The source codes are placed in the public domain, told RIA Novosti in the company Bi.Zone.

As specified, the experts discovered a campaign directed against Russian organizations from various industries.

“Its goal is to distribute malicious software that collects user credentials from infected computers,” the experts explained.

To deliver malware to corporate networks, attackers chose phishing emails with attached files with dangerous labels. They were disguised as documents called “The Raider Plan”.

Malicious software allows attackers to bypass protections, elevate privileges, and collect information about a compromised system.

Earlier it was reported that hackers attacked the systems of the Skolkovo Foundation , as a result of which several of its services became unavailable. Its infrastructure was attacked on the night of May 29th. As noted, among the files published by hackers there were no important personal data of users.

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