Gazprombank Mobile took part in the Telecom 2023 forum

The mobile operator Gazprombank Mobile acted as a partner of the session “Alternative growth points: voice assistants, smart home, online cinemas, banking products”.

At the session, the experts discussed the opportunities for the development of telecom operators through the launch of complementary products and services. Anastasia Speshilova spoke about the differences in the product strategies of MVNO operators and emphasized that Gazprombank Mobile itself is an additional service launched by Gazprombank, and the main goal of the operator is to create additional value for the Bank’s customers.
“Gazprombank Mobile uses a convergent approach in product development and offers customers The session took place during the 19th annual forum of telecom operators Telecom 2023. General Director of Gazprombank Mobile Anastasia Speshilova was one of the speakers at the event. Gazprombank discounts, additional bonuses and unique offers. We build our entire product strategy around three principles: these are favorable conditions for using communications; privileges from the bank – the client should feel in a special position, this is important for us; security issues – we have anti-spam, we are also building a solution that will not allow using our subscribers’ numbers as replacement numbers, and we are also looking for new models to combat financial fraud in synergy with the bank, ”said Anastasia Speshilova. She also noted that all products

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