Russian scientists have developed an innovative method for cleaning sewers

Russian scientists have invented a way to clean sewers from silt and sediment without the use of additional valves. It is reported by TASS.

Silting is one of the chronic problems of drainage systems. Because of this, sewer pipes either need to be cleaned manually, or special devices must be installed to clean the sediment.

“The water disposal system, operating under the pressure of the “air cushion”, allows for automated flushing of pipelines from sediment and controlled removal of polluted air under pressure to the gas cleaning. These measures make it possible to carry out the patented structure,” say scientists from the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

The exhaust system will prevent polluted air from being released from the wells, which usually leads to an unpleasant smell in the streets. The new design allows you to control both the level of water in the pipes and the speed of its flow. The operating principle of the system is similar to valved pipelines, but consumes less energy and is more reliable.

The invention has already received a patent, and its authors hope that it will be put into practice in the near future.

Astronomers have previously uncovered the secret of a cometary tail from the asteroid Phaethon.

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