Nutritionists: Not All Ultra-Processed Foods Are As Unhealthy As People Think

According to experts from the British Nutrition Foundation, not all ultra-processed foods are as unhealthy as is commonly believed. For example, canned beans, fish fingers, and wholemeal wholemeal bread can be part of a healthy diet. The Daily Mail writes about it .

In addition, canned foods such as tomato pasta sauces, whole grain cereals and fruit-filled yoghurts are on the list of “healthier alternatives” to processed foods, according to British nutritionists. This means that the listed products, despite being processed for long shelf life, still retain important nutrients. In addition, such canned food is inexpensive compared to perishable alternatives.

For a long time, all foods that used colors, sweeteners and preservatives fell into the category of ultra-processed according to the Nova food classification system (an international system that sorts food according to the intensity of transformation).

In this regard, whole grain cereals, fish fingers, canned beans, wholemeal bread and tomato sauces were automatically ranked with a variety of snacks, frozen ready meals and soda, despite the fact that the first group of products has a much higher nutritional value compared to from the second. Now the British Nutrition Foundation is planning to create a separate group for canned food that still retains nutrients and cannot harm health.

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