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The output value of IC substrates will decline this year, and will return to the growth track next year

The IC substrate industry has experienced several years of growth in output value, especially the leapfrog growth in 2021-2022. This year, it is facing a correction in the overall environment and a recession. According to market research agency Prismark, the global output value of IC substrates will be 16 billion this year. U.S. dollar, which has declined from about 17.4 billion U.S. dollars last year, but will return to the growth track next year. From 2022 to 2027, the compound annual growth rate of IC substrates can reach a level of more than 5%, which is the largest growth rate in the output value of the printed circuit board subgroup of.

However, looking at this year, the first half of the year is a correction period for carrier board manufacturers. At present, the first quarter has not bottomed out. In the second quarter, the utilization rate continued to decline and the price of ABF carrier boards was still under pressure. I am afraid that the operation will continue to decline, and some manufacturers may face a battle to defend their profits. In the second half of the year, it will still depend on the recovery of the demand in the server, AI or Netcom markets. Judging from the current market atmosphere, the peak season market conditions in the second half of the year are expected to recover. Wen, but the strength will not be greatly improved.

The legal person said that this year, the supply of ABF carrier boards has turned into an oversupply situation, especially the price cuts for low-end and mid-range products, but the demand for multi-layer boards and large body size carrier boards is relatively supported, and the prices are relatively stable.

Looking forward to the long-term kinetic energy, under the trend of integrating multiple chips and small chips, the long-term trend of increasing the number of layers and large sizes of substrates will continue. If there is no excessive expansion of production capacity and the recovery of demand momentum, substrates will still return after 2024. In terms of growth performance, especially for high-end products with few capable producers, there is an opportunity to seize the market first.

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