Spaniard Beatriz Flamini spent 500 days in a cave in complete isolation

Beatrice Flamini was 48 years old when she entered the cave, and 50 when she came out. She spent 500 days underground as part of an experiment to isolate a person without coming into contact with anyone. Beatrice feels great and even regrets that the experiment is over – she would like to stay in the cave longer.

The physical condition of Flamini is not satisfactory, but it is not so easy with the psychological one. She retained her mind, did not acquire any phobias, and reacts normally to people. However, the woman admitted that she liked the loneliness and isolation, she was very unhappy with the end of the experiment. Flamini perceived her stay in the cave as a kind of long vacation, which was not far from the truth – she did not need to work, food was left for her at the appointed place, she had books and needlework kits at her disposal.

Under the terms of the experiment, Flamini did not contact anyone, she even forbade informing her about the possible death of loved ones. The woman read, knitted, drew, recorded interviews with herself. Around the second month, she lost her sense of time, her circadian rhythms inexplicably changed. According to her own assessment, Flamini spent about 170 days in the cave, although in reality a year and a half had passed. Now scientists intend to find out in detail how her body was affected by long-term isolation underground.



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