Russian children began to receive a domestic analogue of the drug “Zolgensma”

The first little Russians diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy in the course of clinical trials began to receive a medication developed in Russia, which is an analogue of the well-known Zolgensma. According to Mikhail Murashko, head of the Ministry of Health, it is a great victory that our children receive very expensive treatment.

Unfortunately, neither technical nor medical details on the new Russian development are disclosed. In any case, there is no more or less reliable information on this matter, except that Biocad specialists are involved in the development.

Recall that SMA is by far the most common cause of death among children, which is genetically determined. Children diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy practically lose the ability to both move and breathe.

In total, there are three drugs in the world that are used for SMA, including the drug Zolgensma from the Swiss manufacturer Novartis – this is the most expensive drug in the world, a single dose of which costs more than two million dollars.

Zolgensma officially appeared in Russia in the middle of last summer and was used in a number of Moscow children’s medical institutions, but already in August it was reported that two children died during treatment with Zolgensma. Moreover, the cause was called renal failure, which manifested itself in the fifth or sixth week after the administration of this medication.


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