Perseverance loses Mars ‘partner’

The Perseverance rover that works day and night on Mars recently lost a friend. After landing on Mars for 427 solar days (Sols), there was always a stone on the wheel of Perseverance, and scientists have been tracking the story of this “pet stone”. climbing and beach walking). However, the Perseverance team recently discovered that the stone was missing from the camera lens. It accompanied Perseverance for about 10 kilometers.

The rock was first discovered in early February 2022, or the 341st solar day of Mars, and somehow it got stuck on the left front wheel of Perseverance, like a good friend who stayed in the car for a long time. Some people say that Perseverance put their favorite stone in the wheel because there is no pocket. NASA said that this stone did not cause any changes or damage to Perseverance, but I don’t know if Perseverance will find the sound annoying. Engineers said that when Perseverance traversed the slope, rocks could get into the wheels, or the weight of the car could crush rocks and spray them into the wheels as it moved.

Readers can find all the original photos taken by the Perseverance rover on the Perseverance website . If interested, readers may be able to find a unique view of Mars.

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