NCC confirms airspace interference from airspace such as peach planes, caused by equipment overflow from government agencies

Some Twitter netizens posted that they saw GPS interference in the airspace in northern Taiwan. NCC said on the 26th that it received a complaint from the Taoyuan Airport Tower of the Civil Aviation Administration on the 22nd. NCC immediately dispatched radio wave detection vehicles to search. There was indeed intermittent interference, which was caused by overflow interference from Taiwan’s government agencies in the adjacent frequency band. Regulation.

Some netizens posted on Twitter a few days ago that they saw GPS interference in the northern airspace of Taiwan. It has lasted for three days since the 21st, and the area includes Taoyuan Airport and Songshan Airport.

The National Communications Commission (NCC) held a regular press conference on the 26th. Weng Baizong, deputy chairman and spokesperson of the NCC, said that the case of radio wave interference was fully understood. On the 22nd, a complaint was received from the tower of the Taoyuan Air Station of the Civil Aviation Administration. , to detect GPS-related frequency bands, and intermittent interference did occur on the 21st and 22nd.

Weng Bozong said that after research and judgment by the North District Supervision Office, it is a legal user of the adjacent frequency band. The overflow interference caused by the transmitter test of other government agencies in Taiwan may be due to the annual transmitter adjustment and correction. NCC has reminded adjacent frequency users that they should abide by the relevant provisions of the radio frequency use management measures.

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