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Ges Technology’s 1GWh Zhongli plant was officially opened, with an annual output of 6 million batteries fully loaded

GUS Technology, which focuses on lithium titanate (LTO) and high-nickel ternary materials, held the opening ceremony of the Zhongli factory in the Zhongli Industrial Zone today (26th). 6 million batteries and create 300 job opportunities.

The Zhongli plant is planned to start production in the third quarter of 2023, and its production capacity will grow from 250MWh to over 1GWh in the second quarter of 2024. By then, it will be able to manufacture 6 million batteries a year. There are two buildings in the new Zhongli factory. The main production base will manufacture lithium battery cells, and the other is the R&D center building, which is mainly responsible for the technology development of new generation batteries.

The factory adopts low temperature to manufacture intelligent chemical factories, and 100% recycles industrial wastewater and solutions. After the equipment in the factory is improved, it can save more than 70 million kilowatt-hours of electricity every year. There are 8 procedures for battery manufacturing, including slurry mixing, positive and negative electrode coating, slitting, and cutting , stacking, packaging and final liquid injection.

Zhang Zhongjie, chairman of Gus Technology, said that it is expected that the growth of battery demand in the next three years will be greater than 4GWh. In addition to the long-standing Japanese customer Zhongyuan Chemical, Gusi Technology has also announced cooperation with Japan’s Toshiba Group and Slovakia’s flying electric vehicles. It is now also negotiating potential partners. Currently, there are four or five OEM customers including two The number of Japan, Europe, and India is also being counted.

Gestech also announced at the ceremony that it has signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOU) with a number of international partners, namely the signing of the MOU between Gestech and Echion Technologies in the UK, and the signing of the MOU between Gestech and Norway’s Beyonder and India’s Midwest Energy Pvt. Ltd. Si Technology will also build a factory in India in the future, and the details are currently being discussed.

In addition, Gusi Technology will continue to expand the establishment of factories in Taiwan, and has signed an MOU with Taoyuan Aviation City. Zhang Zhongjie said that Gusi Technology is proud of MIT. The design, manufacturing process and site planning of Taiwan’s first GWh lithium battery super factory are prepared based on two indicators: local talents and international standards. The core technology integrates Taiwan’s industrial resources and talents. With high-end and customized R&D capabilities, Taiwan can occupy a key position in the international energy market. The world will see Taiwan’s battery R&D innovation and manufacturing strength.

Gusi technical team has mastered the R&D advantages from upstream materials, cell design and manufacturing, modules to application end, and has successively developed differentiated products and various applications. It can also produce features and application products that meet customer needs according to different customers. , and finally build the batteries that customers need, and even on the same production line, whether it is high-nickel, lithium carbonate, etc., or even future solid-state batteries can be manufactured.

After the team’s continuous development, research and improvement, Goss Technology introduces high-quality materials into battery cell manufacturing to optimize the overall product yield, and the lithium battery developed with its own technology has high safety, high rate discharge, high storage power, Features such as wide temperature range working temperature range and long cycle life, combined with the advantages of high customization, make Gusi Technology in line with the overall international development trend.


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