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Russian students completed the development of an electric ATV

Students of the Moscow Polytechnic University, in collaboration with specialists from the fairly well-known Stels, have completed the development of an electric ATV, which is expected to seriously compete with similar solutions from the Middle Kingdom.

As specified, the Russian electric ATV is equipped with a gearbox of its own design, providing it with all-wheel drive, which will be the main advantage of the novelty over the Chinese devices offered in Russia. By the way, this gearbox is made by printing on a 3D printer from an alloy of the RS-320 type provided by RUSAL.

More precisely, this gearbox offers upshifts as well as downshifts, and a linear actuator provides gear shifting in automatic mode, which makes this ATV unique in its own way, and in terms of capabilities it will not be inferior to its gasoline “brother” in the face of Stels Guepard.

On the electric Stels Guepard, whose mass does not exceed 470 kilograms, you can move at speeds up to 30 and 65 km / h in low and high gears, respectively. Unfortunately, other parameters and specifications of the ATV have not yet been disclosed.


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