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Hyperreal develops perfect digital twins of famous people

Hyperreal has announced the mass creation of “hypermodels” – digital twins of famous personalities that behave on the screen in exactly the same way as the originals. The project is led by Remington Scott, the legendary computer graphics specialist who pioneered the industry in Hollywood. He is considered a deserving guru in all things motion capture and human digitization.

The hypermodel consists of three components: a virtual body, a manner of movement and a voice. It is fully three-dimensional, extremely detailed, but most importantly – autonomous. Such a hypermodel is created once, and then can be used for any purpose without the participation of the person from whom it was made. This digital avatar receives a special license so that it can be used without copyright infringement.

Digital twins are needed to replace people where it is convenient. For example, when shooting many takes in films, in dangerous scenes, in an abstract space that is difficult to reproduce on the set. They can be used in parallel by simply copying the file, and then the actor can act in a movie, perform in a TV show in another country, participate in a virtual concert and act in an advertisement at the same time. You can try on any clothes, equipment, makeup and accessories on the hypermodel.

Hypermodels are also created with an eye to joint use with AI. Fans will be able to order a virtual copy of their idol, with which they can chat for hours on end. Famous personalities will be able to transfer their knowledge to AI and continue to work after the death of the biological body – for example, give lectures to students. Politicians and those in power will have the opportunity to send exact copies for negotiations instead of themselves and participate in several events at the same time. Over time, the technology will become cheaper and any person can order such a double for himself.



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