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Europol warns of new methods of using ChatGPT by scammers

Criminals are mastering new breakthrough technologies at a faster rate than ordinary users. This can be seen from the evidence on the laptops of the criminals, recently seized during the investigation by Europol. They point out that European scammers began to use ChatGPT in their craft within a matter of weeks after access to it appeared.

Criminals are cunning and easily bypass the built-in protections of ChatGPT – for example, the prohibition on creating malicious code. To do this, they simply break the task into several parts so that the requests look neutral. And then, according to instructions from the AI ​​itself, they are collected into one program. Even those who do not understand anything about programming create utilities for their needs, using ChatGPT as an instructor.

The second popular niche of illegal use of the neural network is social engineering. ChatGPT is able to easily write compelling text for a phishing site or chat, without errors and with details that will mislead the user. He can engage in dialogue and convince people that he is right, create tempting offers for mailings, and imitate a specific manner of communication in order to impersonate a real person.

The third fraudulent use of ChatGPT is the ability to directly ask him how to commit a crime with the greatest profit. Learn about new scams, deception schemes, get statistics on crimes committed so as not to compete with other criminals. And also get an understanding of what mistakes other scammers make, what the police catch them on and how to avoid it. The neural network naturally and inevitably turned into a double-edged tool that brings both benefit and harm.


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