Service for predicting the failure of industrial equipment

Tsifra Group is developing a solution that will predict the failure of certain units of industrial equipment.

“Predictive Service” is a complex consisting of sensors and software that monitors the condition of industrial equipment nodes and reports the need for an early replacement of any part or repair. This will make it possible to prepare spare parts in advance, save on repairs and increase the resource of machine components and systems. 

The solution is completely domestic, being developed on Russian software and equipment.

The principle of operation of the service is based on the mathematical analysis of vibrations obtained with the help of special sensors. Such a mechanism allows you to track the dynamics of vibration changes and display the accumulated information in the form of a trend, which will allow you to identify deviations and identify defects at an early stage. According to preliminary calculations, the vibration control module installed on a metal-cutting machine, in case of an accident, is triggered with a reaction of 0.1 – 0.2 milliseconds. Further, the system calculates the excess of the vibration threshold, and the operation of the spindle assembly stops.

In addition to vibration monitoring, Predictive Service will be able to track changes in temperature and humidity to prevent overheating or possible equipment fire. The system will also be able to control the concentration of cutting fluid, which is necessary to increase the wear resistance of the cutting tool and prevent rust formation.

“Predictive Service” will be fully compatible with the “Dispatcher” IT product complex, and it can also be used as an independent system in the presence of third-party embedded monitoring systems. At the same time, if the previously developed products of the Dispatcher complex could report the need for maintenance according to the operating hours, the new solution will help correct scheduled repairs based on the forecast of equipment failure.

“In the current situation in the Russian market of industrial equipment and its maintenance, efficiency and predictive analysis come to the fore, which allows you to redistribute the resources of the enterprise. Today, the average cost of repairing a metalworking machine, along with replacing a part, according to experts, can be about 2 million rubles. And that’s not counting downtime losses, so it’s important to know in advance when a machine might fail. By the way, Predictive Service will be useful not only for machine-building and metalworking enterprises. It may well be used for procurement, forestry, oil and gas, mining, and so on,” said Alexander Gromyko, Director for Digital Transformation of Machine-Building Production at Tsifra Group.

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