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Xingyu Aviation’s revenue in February decreased by 10% month-on-month, and the annual increase of 20 times still hit the second highest in history

Xingyu Airlines said today that the consolidated revenue in February was NT$1.372 billion, a monthly decrease of 10%. The main reason was that the number of operating days in February was three days less than that in January, and the fare fell into the off-season, but the operating performance was still the second in history. High, revenue in February increased by 2,029% YoY.

Xingyu Airlines stated that its passenger operating revenue in February was 1.217 billion yuan, an annual increase of 3,760%. The demand momentum continued after the unblocking, and the number of passengers increased by 8% compared with January. Prices fell into the off-season, resulting in a decrease in passenger operating revenue in February compared with January.

In terms of freight, the revenue in February was 122 million yuan, with a monthly increase of 42% and an annual increase of 326%.

Looking forward to the follow-up route planning, Starspace Airlines stated that it will open the Taipei-Sendai route on April 1st, and at the same time it will set up its flag in North America for the first time. It will start sailing from Taipei-Los Angeles on April 26th. The popularity continues to rise, and Star Airlines is also actively planning to open new destinations in Asia.

Xingyu Airlines pointed out that it will maintain stable flight services in March, and will successively announce the schedule of this year’s summer flights for each route. On the 25th, the A350 passenger aircraft will also be used to fly to Okinawa. The overall number of seats in March will increase by more than 10% compared to February.

In terms of fleet, Xingyu Airlines stated that the current fleet number is maintained at 19, and two A350-900s are planned to be put into Asian regional routes. The third A350-900 is scheduled to be delivered from the end of March to the beginning of April, and the fourth is expected to be delivered in the second half of the year. aircraft, and the fleet will reach 21 by then.

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