Scientists have figured out how the new generation will increase the chances of a good job

Sociologists called a personal brand the most important tool for finding a job of generation Z

Researchers from the University of East Anglia have found that Generation Z perceives social media image as the most important tool for gaining advantages when looking for a job. The study is published in the journal Information Technology and People .

Generation Z are people born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. The study involved students of generation Z, who are in their last year at the university. The researchers interviewed participants and also examined student profiles on the professional social network LinkedIn.

All participants perceived digital personal brands as an important tool for making a strong impression on employers. The scientists noted that other generations tend to maintain a rather perfect image on the Internet, but Generation Z believes that an imperfect online image works better. They advocate a more dynamic and unfinished style and are willing to share imperfections and weaknesses.

Scientists believe that a personal brand is now important not only for celebrities, but also for job seekers and employers. The researchers recommend that universities help students build their social media image. Companies should also take advantage of opportunities to interact with students and job seekers to save time, money and resources in recruiting.

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