Roskosmos will continue work on the development of the reusable methane rocket Amur-SPG

The state corporation Roscosmos decided to continue the development of the promising reusable launch vehicle Amur-LNG. It is reported by TASS .

The statement of the state corporation states that on March 9, 2023, a state contract was signed for the development of a technical project for the Amur-LNG complex.

The publication notes that as part of the technical design, it will be necessary to consider the use of natural gas rockets to launch manned spacecraft into orbit. It is planned to complete the technical design by the end of 2024.

Earlier, the state corporation Roscosmos for the first time showed a video of the separation of the first stage of the Proton-M heavy rocket. 

According to Roskosmos, the launch was made on February 5. The heavy Proton-M rocket launched the Elektro-L meteorological satellite into orbit.

“On February 5,   the Electro-L meteorological satellite was launched from Baikonur . It was launched into orbit by a Proton-M rocket. True, the harsh steppe weather made its own adjustments, we almost did not see the launch, ”Roskosmos said.

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