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Named to prevent Samsung from poaching TSMC, Lu Xingzhi: Comparing with the U.S. design license regulations

Korean media reported that Samsung recently hired Lin Juncheng, the former deputy director of research and development of TSMC for 18 years, as the vice president of the advanced packaging business team of the semiconductor (DS) department. Lu Xingzhi, a former well-known foreign analyst, said on his personal Facebook page that whether Taiwan should Following the example of the United States, it is stipulated that talents need a license to work in a Chinese fab to prevent Samsung from maliciously poaching corners.

Lin Juncheng became an expert in semiconductor packaging. He worked at TSMC from 1999 to 2017, and coordinated the application for more than 450 US patents. Lin Juncheng also contributed a lot to laying the foundation for TSMC’s 3D packaging technology. Before joining TSMC, Lin Juncheng worked for Micron Technology in the United States. After leaving TSMC, he served as the CEO of the semiconductor equipment company Skytech, accumulating experience in packaging equipment production.

Lu Xingzhi said that in order to prevent China from setting up branches in Taiwan to maliciously poach Taiwan’s semiconductor elites, the US government requires American or dual nationality semiconductor manufacturing and equipment support personnel to work (support, development or manufacturing) in Chinese wafer manufacturing plants to require a license ( Effective October 12, 2022), whether it should be considered to use the same strict standards to prevent Samsung from malicious poaching within 10 to 20 years, Mr. Lin’s case should be different, because he left TSMC to join Texhong Technology as early as 2017, what I am worried about is More Mr. Liang will appear in the future.

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