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In Russia, they figured out how to mine potash ore without human intervention

Scientists from  Perm have figured out how to mine potash ore without human intervention, RIA Novosti reports with reference to  the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education .

“Our system is a collection of sensors. Accelerometers and gyroscopes in it are perpendicular in three planes. Accelerometers measure acceleration, and gyroscopes measure position in space, that is, all angles are measured in all planes <…> Such systems work as additional navigation in places where GPS is not enough, ”said Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher at the Mining Institute Denis Kormshchikov.

It is noted that this system will perform several tasks at once: eliminating the shortage of highly qualified employees, increasing benefits for the company and eliminating human labor in the most dangerous work areas.

It is planned that pilot tests will be completed in December this year, and in early 2024 the first five samples will be produced and mass production will be launched.

Earlier, Perm scientists figured out how to save the mines under construction from flooding and destruction.

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