In Rostov, doctors saved the sight of a child who pierced his eye with a pencil

Doctors in Rostov managed to save the sight of a 13-year-old teenager who was accidentally hit in the eye with a pencil, according to the  Telegram channel of the Ministry of Health of the region.

The circumstances of the teenager’s serious injury are not specified, it is known that the father brought the boy to the hospital with an eye injury. Doctors diagnosed the victim with a penetrating wound of the cornea with prolapse of the membranes, partial hemophthalmos and other complications.

An urgent surgical intervention was required, ophthalmologists managed to save the damaged eye and save the teenager’s vision. The student was under medical supervision for several days and has already been discharged for outpatient treatment.

Earlier it was reported that in Tyumen, doctors saved the sight of a man who pierced his eye with a wire.

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