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Generate 1,488 reports a year, save 10,000 hours, what is the magic of Matik, a presentation generation tool invested by a16z?

The quarterly review meeting is here again, and the numbers in the Excel table are checked again and again, and then copied and pasted into the presentation. When the presentation data comes from multiple Excel, Tableau or Salesforce sheets, more effort has to be made.

Obviously, the indicators to be looked at are the same every quarter. Can there be a faster method?

Nikola Mijic, the founder of Matik , was bored with the above-mentioned repetitive work when he was a senior project manager (Program Manager) at LinkedIn, so he created a tool that can generate the latest data reports once and for all by connecting databases and presentations. In the future, regardless of the marketing team, business team or product development team, there is no need to pull data one by one to make presentations.

Matik’s clients include Asana, the job search community platform Glassdoor, etc., and it has also received investment from well-known venture capital a16z.

Spending too much time pulling data for presentations on LinkedIn! Prompted Nikola Mijic to build automation tools

Nikola Mijic used to help companies predict customer churn factors in the customer relationship management platform Bluenose Analytics, and later worked as a senior project manager at LinkedIn. He was mainly responsible for maintaining and expanding external customers. He needed to produce a large number of LinkedIn performance data briefings to highlight the company’s products through data value.

These two work experiences have made Nikola Mijic deeply feel the importance of data to enterprises. “Using these data helps us build trust with customers, because we can clearly demonstrate the value of products.” However, LinkedIn has produced numerous presentations , Repeated work again and again, including extracting numbers from different Excel reports, copying presentation templates… He couldn’t help but come up with an idea: How can we automatically create these presentations?

So Nikola Mijic set out to build automation tools to help sales and customer service teams automatically generate quarterly business review briefings. He guessed that this pain point also existed in other companies, so he founded Matik in 2019.

In just three steps, Matik automatically generates a quarterly business review report

Matik’s SaaS platform eliminates the steps of “querying, copying, and pasting data to the presentation”, automatically pulls the data to the presentation, and even automatically generates the latest data at regular intervals, helping the business and customer success teams directly obtain the Quarterly Business Review Report (Quarterly Business Review Report) Review), pricing advice, etc.

In other words, all the user has to do is create a presentation template, update Excel, and upload the two to Matik, once and for all. The briefing is like a shell, and the changing data is filled by Matik, which regularly updates the latest briefing for you. The detailed operation process is as follows:

First, upload databases such as Excel and Tableau and a set of presentation templates, set the fields to be extracted by Matik, and the selection range of data, such as ROI, transfer rate, etc.Then, open the presentation and select the plug-in program Matik, and you will see the data indicators you have set in Matik on the right side of the screen. Then use the mouse to highlight the place in the presentation that needs to be automatically generated by Matik, and replace it with the corresponding data indicator on the right side of the screen.

Finally, go back to Matik and set the frequency of the presentation to be produced, such as once a week, once a month, etc., and the required date range, which can be automatically generated with one click, and there is no need to go back to the same file to update it manually.

In addition to repetitive briefing updates, Matik can also be used for business development purposes. For example, if an enterprise wants to cooperate with the technology industry and the catering industry, it can set the data corresponding to each industry in Matik and generate customers on the same presentation template. Customized information.

Save 10,000 hours for client Glassdoor and also get a16z investment

Take Glassdoor, one of Matik’s customers, as an example. The most commonly used function of Glassdoor is the evaluation platform. It often needs to monitor the evaluations of different companies to attract talents to join. However, a single platform contains 153 kinds of data indicators. In the past, if you want to extract data , can take up to 5 hours to complete manually.

Through Matik’s automated process, Glassdoor’s insight team saves 10,000 hours per year, greatly reducing the time cost of querying data from 2 minutes each time to less than 30 seconds.

Another example is Salesloft, a B2B sales participation system. It needs to produce quarterly business review reports tailored to customers every month. If it is done manually, it takes 3 hours to produce a report. With the help of Matik, it can be reduced to 3 minutes, and it will be automatic for a year. Generated 1,488 business review reports, saving over 300 hours per month.

Matik’s business model is B2B, and its customers include Asana, Glassdoor, Salesloft, etc. In 2021, it will receive a US$20 million (approximately NT$600 million) Series A fundraising led by a16z.

Kristina Shen, an investor at a16z, interviewed many Matik users and believed that the influence of Matik cannot be underestimated. Through the technology of automatically generating presentations, it can essentially change the internal manpower allocation and responsibility planning of many companies. “No matter how many times we look at the product Demo makes all of us want to use Matik in our work.” Nikola Mijic also said that in the future, this technology will be applied to other fields, such as email and any information that needs to be repeated and customized.

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