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Amazon’s global store opening “Intelligent Manufacturing in Taiwan Brand Shines Global 3.0” plan, leading nearly 120 corporate sellers to demonstrate Taiwan’s cross-border e-commerce strength

Amazon’s global store is committed to assisting various industries in Taiwan to build their own brands, and promotes the “Intelligent Manufacturing in Taiwan’s Brand Shining the World 3.0” corporate overseas company running plan, carefully selecting nearly 120 people including electronic accessories, outdoor sports, home decoration, pets, mothers and babies, etc. Potential Taiwanese sellers of different industries will seize the big pie in the global e-commerce market! The number of sellers selected for the program this year is different from the past. The number of sellers with a global presence has increased, and the proportion of OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer) has also increased a lot, showing the diversified nature of Taiwan’s industry and the seller’s ambition to operate cross-border e-commerce. This year’s Accompanying Program not only includes official guidance from 0 to 1, lectures by industry teachers, etc., but also will return to physical communication, through seller community activities, and exchange Amazon business experience with senior sisters who participated in the program in the past two years.

Chen Sifen, general manager of Amazon Global Store Taiwan, said: “The “Intelligent Manufacturing in Taiwan Brands Shine the World 3.0” plan has entered the third year. This year, more industries or sellers from the central and southern regions have joined, which shows that Taiwanese sellers are interested in cross-border. The ambition to go overseas and open up the second growth curve! Amazon’s global store opening this year will not only continue to assist the previous advantageous categories, but also strengthen the promotion of Taiwan’s diverse industries and demonstrate Taiwan’s excellent product strength.”

The future of cross-border e-commerce continues to be bullish! In 2026  , it will  grow twice  as fast as traditional e-commerce

According to the eMarketer 2022 Global E-Commerce Industry Report, cross-border e-commerce accounted for 26% of retail e-commerce last year, and it is estimated that it will reach 36% in 2026, becoming the main growth driver driving the development of global retail business [i] , the Accenture report also pointed out Cross-border e-commerce will surpass traditional e-commerce by 2 times in 2026 [ii] . Amazon’s global store opening continues to help Taiwanese companies seize the wave of cross-border e-commerce. In the past two years, the “Intelligent Manufacturing in Taiwan Brands Shine the World” project has successfully supported more than 70 sellers to achieve digital transformation and expand overseas markets. Set up Taiwan’s cross-border e-commerce Brand benchmark.

Amazon’s global store opening “Intelligent Manufacturing in Taiwan Brands Shine the World  3.0 ” expands the recruitment of more than 100 sellers to demonstrate the diversification of Taiwan’s cross-border momentum

Amazon’s global store opening 2023 “Intelligent Manufacturing in Taiwan Brands Shine the World 3.0” plan, optimize and upgrade industry teacher teaching, official tutoring, comrade-in-arms alliance, seller community and other all-round accompanying running plans, incubate Taiwanese brands from 0 to 1, and shorten the entry of enterprises The preparation period for cross-border e-commerce, connecting with global consumers. Among them, the official tutoring is more aimed at participating sellers, who are directly nominated to enter the official elite seller management group in the following year, and enjoy the official tutoring service for the second year. This year’s accompanying running program has the largest number of applicants in history, with more than 600 sellers signing up. After three stages of selection, nearly 120 high-quality sellers were finally selected to participate in the accompanying running program. Amazon Global Store said that regardless of business type, Distributed by region or industry category, this year’s participating sellers present a diversified trend of industries, which also demonstrates the diversification of Taiwan’s cross-border kinetic energy and presents four major characteristics:

The proportion of OBM  sellers has increased

Nowadays, the wave of cross-border e-commerce growth is still obvious, and enterprises have a deeper understanding of the need for transformation. This year, there are different types of enterprises including OEM transformation manufacturers, brand manufacturers, and new brand owners. The proportion of OBM sellers has increased significantly by 12% compared with last year. Brands such as the well-known home security monitoring software “Alfred Camera” and pet food related “Beili Pet” show that Taiwanese companies not only maintain excellent manufacturing and innovative technologies, but also realize the importance of building their own brands.

Enterprises in Central and South China Accelerate Transformation

Amazon’s global store opening continues to promote the advantageous industrial belts in different regions of Taiwan. This year, more than 40 companies participated in the central and southern regions, with a substantial increase of 13%. Dai Shu” and other companies have also joined in.

Layout global site sellers grow

In the past, Taiwanese sellers mainly deployed cross-border e-commerce in the North American market. Compared with the previous two editions, more than 80% of the sellers focused on North America. This year, more than 30% of the participating sellers are located in Europe, Japan, Singapore and other sites.

Category diversification

Compared with last year, most of the sellers who participated in the plan were electronic accessories product brands. This year, the participating categories are relatively diversified. Electronic accessories, outdoor sports, home kitchen and bathroom and decoration, and pet mother and baby categories account for more than 40% of the total sellers.

Build a brand from  0  to  1  Amazon opened a global store and successfully supported a number of high-quality Taiwanese companies to go overseas to explore new business opportunities

Taiwanese companies that have participated in the “Intelligent Manufacturing in Taiwan Brand Shine the World” project, with the assistance of Amazon’s global store opening, were able to demonstrate their product strength on the global stage and establish their own brands. The home clothing brand ATTITUDE, which won the Amazon Global Store Opening Innovation and Transformation Award, through course training, in-depth analysis of business data indicators, successfully found hot-selling finished products, and received high 5-star reviews from buyers from many countries; webcam brand Lumina has joined since March 2022 , with the help of product and advertising optimization services, increase product sales by 80%-100% within 5 months, and won the 2022 New Seller of the Amazon Global Store North American Rookie of the Year Award; the auto tool brand ZOOYL won the Amazon Global Store Taiwan in 2021 The Zhizao Award maintained a stable growth rate of 150% in the first 3 months and successfully established itself in the overseas market through keyword analysis of the market, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of hot-selling products, and experience guidance for accompanying runners.

In addition to providing participating sellers with Amazon’s own vast global resources, it also provides hands-on training courses. It is planned to hold a series of exclusive training courses from March to September, including team management, product listing, logistics management, account operation, on-site and off-site diversion etc. The third quarter focuses on promoting performance growth target courses. At the same time, public associations such as IEAT Taipei Import and Export Commercial Association joined in, making the nearly one-year training plan more refined and enriched. Amazon Global Store expects to build its own brand and enhance corporate competitiveness by assisting local companies in Taiwan to transform!

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