A paleontological museum will open in the Crimea in the cave “Tavrida”

The Paleontological Museum will appear in the Tavrida cave, opened in  Crimea in 2018. This was reported by the press service of the Crimean Federal University (KFU), Interfax reports .

Since the opening of the cave, as Vadim Titov, a senior researcher at the Scientific Speleological and Paleontological Complex “Taurida Cave”, KFU, has said, a fairly large number of finds have already been collected, including bones of elephants, rhinos, horses and other ancient inhabitants.

He noted that the systematization of the collected material is carried out according to the taxa of animals, the selection of exhibits that have scientific and expositional value is carried out, and some of the finds are subject to partial restoration.

According to him, the next step will be the cleaning and conservation of the finds, then the future exhibits will be assigned a separate code, which is then entered into the museum’s catalog. The first finds have already been entered in the ledger, the specialist emphasized.

In the complex, visitors and students will be able to see most of the previously undiscovered finds, and open storage of funds will be organized in the vault, Titov added.

In 2019, it was reported that an unknown type of microorganism was found in the Taurida cave .

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