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Veterinarians called the most common diseases of domestic cats

Veterinarians from the Royal Veterinary College named the 30 most common diseases of domestic cats, according to the DailyMail news portal.

The most common problems were gum disease, obesity, overgrowth of nails, fleas and heart murmurs. The list also includes underweight, hair growth disorders, chronic kidney disease, osteoarthritis, cystitis, otitis externa and many others.

The scientists collected data from 18,249 cats in  the UK . Of this sample, the most common breeds were the British Shorthair (3.01%), the Ragdoll (1.82%) and the Bengal (1.22%). Others included the Maine Coon (0.93%), Persian (0.73%) and Siamese (0.68%).

An evaluation of their veterinary records showed that, on average, cats are diagnosed with one disease each year. At the same time, male and older cats are more likely to suffer from several diseases. Females are at higher risk of postoperative wound complications, hypersensitivity to flea bites, hyperthyroidism, and overgrown nails. Cats were more likely to suffer from gum disease, heart murmurs and obesity.

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