The Russians have listed ways to send money abroad

A year after the refusal of Russian banks from SWIFT, citizens still have at least seven ways to transfer money abroad, Izvestia writes with reference to market participants and experts.

Russians can transfer money from the Mir card to the plastic of the national payment systems of the CIS countries: Kyrgyzstan , Belarus , Armenia , Tajikistan , Abkhazia and South Ossetia .

Another way is to send funds from the bank’s mobile application through Unistream to the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. The Golden Crown system works in a similar way.

You can use the services of cross-border transfers, which were launched by Sberbank , VTB and Tinkoff.

SWIFT transfers can still be sent from any credit institution that has not fallen under the blocking sanctions of the West.

You can also use cryptocurrency. For a minimum commission, it can be exchanged for cash at any “semi-legal” exchanger.

To pay for subscriptions to foreign services and make purchases abroad, citizens of the Russian Federation began to massively issue Visa or Mastercard cards from foreign banks.

Earlier,  the Bank of Russia spoke about the losses of credit institutions due to hacker attacks in 2022.

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