The EU assessed the possibility of easing sanctions against Russia

Stano: we should not wait for the easing of EU sanctions against Russia in the near future

The official representative of the foreign policy service of the European Union (EU), Peter Stano, in a conversation with the Izvestia newspaper , assessed the possibility of easing or lifting part of the sanctions against the Russian Federation.

He pointed out that in the near future the easing of sanctions should not be expected. Changes, according to him, are possible in case of a change in the policy of the Russian authorities.

“So far, we do not see such a change in the behavior of the Kremlin,” Stano said.

He stressed that EU member states regularly review existing sanctions and adjust them in accordance with developments.

The day before  , the Russian Foreign Ministry said that each package of EU sanctions demonstrates that they do not work.

The 10th package of EU sanctions was agreed after long discussions last week. In it, the EU imposed restrictions on 87 individuals and 34 legal entities.

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