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The analyst assessed the plans of the Russian businessman for the smartphone market

Telecom analyst Kuskov: plans to occupy ten percent of the market with a new smartphone are doubtful

New smartphones, the development of which Russian businessman Alexander Kalinin plans to start, can take a 10% share in the domestic market under contracts with the authorities for the supply of devices to various institutions, otherwise the implementation of these plans is doubtful, the general director of the information and analytical agency shared his opinion with RIA Novosti Telecom Daily Denis Kuskov.

Earlier on Tuesday , the Kommersant newspaper wrote that the founder of the National Computer Corporation (NCC), Alexander Kalinin, is starting a project to develop and manufacture a retail line of smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system. It was noted that the first batches of devices may appear this year, and by 2026 the company expects to occupy up to 10% of the market in the Russian Federation.

“From the point of view of the plans that were announced for a 10% share in the domestic smartphone market, provided that they have agreements with the authorities that smartphones will be used in schools, educational institutions, during the population census, in government agencies, then “Of course, such a percentage is possible. But if these are ordinary consumers, I doubt it, because, as practice shows, Russian developments have high prices relative to Chinese devices, and technical characteristics, such as a camera and processors, are worse,” Kuskov said.

The expert also noted that the country where they will be produced has not yet been chosen. According to him, most likely it will be China.

“If they are produced in China, I doubt that components from Russia will be brought there. In this case, the percentage of localization of Russian components will be minimal, so calling the development Russian is meaningless. Therefore, these plans are unrealistic so far,” he said.

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