Stage in all its glory: the Russian top general danced a striptease (video)

In addition to the video with the dances of the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces of the Russian Armed Forces Oleksandr Matovnikov, the alleged correspondence of the officer with the “lady of the heart” was also leaked to the network.

The Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces, the former authorized representative of the President of the Russian Federation Oleksandr Matovnikov, who is the head of the operational group of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Belarus, got caught up in the scandal. A video where the general, waving a towel, dances a striptease got into the network. The private video was made public on one of the Russian Telegram channels.

“An avid connoisseur of Minsk restaurants and women, General Matovnikov likes to transfer the responsibility for making decisions to his subordinate officers. The general is more interested in creating such video content for his girlfriends. Russia sent the “best” representatives of the generals to support Oleksandr Grigorovich. Because of this, what happened at the airfield in Machulyshchye, in Belarus, you should not be surprised,” the authors of the publication wrote.

It is not known to whom exactly the Russian general sent the “strawberry” dance video. But soon an intimate correspondence of the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces of the Russian Armed Forces with the “lady of the heart” appeared on the Internet. Judging by the screenshot, Matovnikov communicated with an unknown man who sent a candid photo to the top general.

It is known that at this time the general dancer is officially married — he has been married since 2005 and has 3 children.

At the time of the publication, General Matovnikov did not officially comment on the video and correspondence circulated on the Internet.

Earlier, Putin promoted Rustam Muradov, the commander of the Eastern Military District, who is in charge of the offensive of Russian troops near Vugledar, to the rank of commander. Now the military commander, who is criticized in the Russian Federation for incompetence in command, has become a colonel general. Muradov “became famous” for the fact that under his command the Russian Armed Forces suffered huge losses in the area of ​​Pavlivka and Vugledar in Donetsk region.

On February 26, explosions rang out at the airfield in the village of Machulyshchi in Belarus. As a result, the A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces was damaged . According to the head of the BYPOL association Oleksandr Azarov, the attack was carried out by partisans from Belarus with the help of drones.

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