Russian scientists have created a coating to protect against the destruction of implants based on magnesium

Russia has created a protective coating for magnesium bone implants. This was reported by the press service of the RNF.

For complex fractures, doctors can implant magnesium-based materials into the bone. Unlike titanium or ceramic implants, magnesium implants are temporary and gradually bioresorb in the body after bone tissue is restored. Such implants are not toxic, magnesium from them passes into the composition of the bone and strengthens it. The only and significant disadvantage of magnesium implants is their susceptibility to corrosion under the action of chloride ions in blood and other bodily fluids.

Specialists from the Institute of Chemistry, Far East Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, proposed using a composite oxide layer as a protective coating for implants based on magnesium alloys. The authors obtained it on the surface of a resorbable magnesium-calcium alloy by plasma electrolytic oxidation in a solution that consisted of non-toxic chemical compounds that are already present in the body.

The authors experimentally evaluated the protective properties of the alloy with the proposed coating by keeping it in a medium for culturing mammalian cells, which is similar to that of a living organism. It turned out that the layer successfully copes with the task of protecting the product.

Previously, scientists have found that microplastics in the mother’s food disrupt the development of the fetus.

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