RIA Novosti: the Wagner group defeated the unit “named after Boris Johnson” near Artemovsk

The Wagner group defeated a Ukrainian unit near Artemivsk (Ukrainian name – Bakhmut), named after former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson . This was reported to RIA Novosti by the commander of the Wagner assault unit.

He showed the trophies that he got during the battles. In particular, the fighters managed to get a flag on which it is written: “The unit them. Boris Johnson.”

The commander specified that the unit held a large stronghold in the forest. In addition, according to him, the Ukrainian military often use pro-American themes. In particular, US flag patches are worn .

Earlier in the day, Bloomberg allowed the liberation of the DPR when Russia gained control of Artyomovsk.

The day before, CNN, citing the Ukrainian military , reported that the situation near Artemivsk is much worse than Kiev officially admits .

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