Poll: women more often than men give gifts to relatives on March 8

The vast majority of Russians congratulate women on March 8. This was shown by a study by the IFORS research and consulting company, the results of which were reviewed by Gazeta.Ru.

So, 99% of the Russians surveyed admitted that in one way or another (with or without a gift) they congratulate women on March 8th.

Among married or relationship men, 87% give gifts to their wives and girlfriends. 77% of all respondents give gifts to close relatives (mother, grandmother, daughters and sisters), and women do this more often than men (84% versus 67%). Russians often congratulate other relatives, close friends, acquaintances and colleagues without a gift.

When choosing gifts for March 8, the majority of respondents (72%) go to stores with a trading floor (offline), 38% make purchases on the Internet, and one in five uses a mobile application for this.

Earlier, Russians were warned about a surge in fraud activity before February 23 and March 8.

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