“New people” are ready to develop amendments on the regulation of cryptocurrencies

Nechaev: "New people" are ready to develop amendments to the draft regulation of cryptocurrencies

New people” are ready to develop amendments to the bill on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, the issue needs to be agreed with the position of the Central Bank, party leader Alexei Nechaev said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Earlier, a group of deputies from different factions submitted to the State Duma a draft law on the regulation of mining activities. Another bill on cryptocurrency mining, introduced by deputies from the New People faction, was rejected in the State Duma.

“In terms of cryptocurrencies, the market and the government are waiting for a conceptual agreement with the position of the Central Bank on the possibility of a transaction on the territory of the Russian Federation. When this technical issue is clarified, we are ready to start amending the bill,” the parliamentarian emphasized.

At the same time, Nechaev added that the foundation must first appear, “on which all legislation will be built.” According to him, the legalization of mining and cryptocurrency is a direct path to the technological sovereignty of the Russian Federation.

Thus, the politician cited the experience of Russia-friendly Iran, where the government earns a lot of money thanks to the “crypto-foundation”.

“The authorities receive about a billion dollars from mining annually. Bitcoin has also become an important part of Iran’s national economy, banks are allowed to pay in bitcoins for imports, the country accounts for 4.5% of all bitcoin production in the world, which allows you to bypass sanctions and buy imported goods,” Nechaev said.

The pre-election conference will be held in Moscow on Wednesday, on the day of the third anniversary since the creation of the party.

Read the full text of the interview at at 10:30 Moscow time.

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