New Ford will be taught to leave on autopilot from loan debtors

The new technology will allow you to remotely turn off the air conditioning or cruise control on the cars of loan debtors. In the worst case, the car itself will be able to leave the owner and go to the parking lot of the bank.

Ford engineers are working on a system to automatically seize cars from loan debtors. Cars will be able to leave their owners on autopilot. The invention has already been registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The technology with the working title “Systems and methods of vehicle seizure” allows you to remotely lock the car or even take it from the owner. It can be installed on virtually any modern machine that has access to the Internet.

If the owner of the car stops making payments on the loan, then at first he will receive several warnings from the bank – they will appear on the display of the multimedia system.

In the event that this does not work, it will be possible to remotely turn off various car equipment such as cruise control or air conditioning. The next stage is an unpleasant squeak in the cabin, followed by a door lock so that the driver cannot get into the car.

Cars with a semi-autonomous driving system can be remotely moved to a place where they can be picked up by a tow truck – for example, taken out of the yard to the street. Well, cars with autopilot will be able to independently arrive at the address indicated by the bank.

The technology also includes the function of estimating the cost of a credit car based on its mileage, data on accidents and malfunctions. This will allow you to determine exactly where to send the problematic car – for resale or recycling.

Focus previously reported that an old 1987 Ford Sierra sold for over $700,000.

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