In the Czech Republic called the biggest mistake of Biden in relation to Russia

Czech ex-diplomat Novotny called Biden's policy towards Russia erroneous

The actions of the current US administration provoked a rapprochement between Russia and China, which is a serious mistake by the West, Jaromir Novotny, a former Czech diplomat and former deputy defense minister  , told Radio Universum .

He noted that the “severe” sanctions against Russia have been in place for a year, but its economy has not collapsed. “But the Indians and the Chinese continue to quietly trade with Russia. As they say, only smoke is a yoke,” he stressed.

According to the ex-diplomat, Western sanctions only redirected Russian trade to the east. The West makes a mistake when it drives Russia into such a situation. “He literally drives her into the arms of China,” he said. According to Novotna, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger managed to split the Soviet Union-China bloc, while US President Joe Biden managed to create the Russia-China bloc.

As the former diplomat said, the Americans are frankly saying that their number one enemy is China, and that Europe must deal with its own relations with Russia, because the United States will not have time for this.

Answering the question why the West took a number of steps that brought Russia and China closer together, the ex-diplomat said that they were “stupid.” “They are just so blinded that they make mistakes,” he explained.

Novotny stressed that the West, recognizing the “independence” of Kosovo, did so that “international law ceased to operate and the right of the strongest prevailed.”

The ex-diplomat also admitted that, “as it turned out later,” Ukraine was preparing a week later than the special operation began, “to launch an offensive to conquer the Donbass, and the Russians were ahead of it.”

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