Geneticist Minaev told which products are the easiest to falsify

The easiest way to falsify crushed foods – for example, minced meat or meatballs. Whole carcasses and cuts are more difficult to fake, but they are sometimes pumped with liquid to increase mass. This was told to Gazeta.Ru by the head of the laboratory of molecular genetics of the Federal Scientific Center for Food Systems named after V.I. Gorbatov Mikhail Minaev .

“The easiest way is to falsify minced meat, cutlets, sausage products. Everything that is somehow crushed. Another thing is if you buy a chilled carcass or cut. You can easily distinguish a turkey carcass from a chicken carcass. Pork cut from beef. The maximum that can be done with them is to pump them with water with various food additives that increase the water-holding capacity of meat. But then it will flow or, when you put it in the oven, it will shrink by one and a half times, ”he explained.

Read more about how other manufacturers falsify products and what legislative loopholes allow this to be done in the  Gazeta.Ru article .

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