Geneticist Minaev told how sausage is falsified

Meat products from expensive meats are falsified by adding chicken, the meat of which in some cases can reach almost a quarter of the volume of the product. This was told to Gazeta.Ru by the head of the laboratory of molecular genetics of the Federal Scientific Center for Food Systems named after V.I. Gorbatov Mikhail Minaev .

“In the sausage it is allowed to use chicken melange – an egg semi-finished product. An unscrupulous manufacturer, when chicken DNA was found in its products, stated that it was not a chicken, it was a chicken egg or melange. Only a quantitative technique can distinguish what is put into the product – undeclared chicken meat or permitted melange. Having approved this method, we conducted a study of sausages produced in accordance with GOSTs, and in one of them we found more than 20% of chicken meat. The manufacturer sang a famous song about the added melange, however, 20% melange is no longer sausage, but scrambled eggs! he explained.

At the moment, the laboratory has developed and is using a qualitative and quantitative test that allows you to identify chicken DNA in the product and determine exactly how much chicken is added to it.

“Given the availability of a standard sample, we recalculate this for the entire product. That is, we say, for example: we found 2% of chicken meat ingredient in minced pork,” Minaev said.

Read more about how fish and other products are falsified in  the Gazeta.Ru article .

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