Geneticist Minaev explained how the law allows falsification of food products

When falsifying food products, the manufacturer uses loopholes in the law that allow him to make products according to his own recipe and not specify the details of the composition. This was told to Gazeta.Ru by the head of the laboratory of molecular genetics of the Federal Scientific Center for Food Systems named after V.I. Gorbatov Mikhail Minaev .

“There are “opportunity zones” in the legislation, which can also be used. For example, you can not indicate the species of animal proteins. For example, the manufacturer writes that the product contains beef and animal protein. And this is a collagen protein derived from pork skin. You can write on the packaging that this product is not made according to GOST, but according to TU (technical specifications), that is, according to its own recipe. If an enterprise does something according to specifications, it is very difficult to make claims, since the formulation of this product is a priori unknown,” he explained.

Because of this, in recent years, there have been fewer and fewer products created in compliance with GOST in stores – it is simply unprofitable to produce them, Minaev added.

Read more about which products are falsified most often and whether it can be distinguished by thawed meat, how long it has been frozen – in  the material of Gazeta.Ru.

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