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Early birth raises maternal risk of stroke and heart failure

Having a baby too young raises the risk of heart failure and stroke in mothers by 25%. It is reported by TASS.

These conclusions were made by doctors at Imperial College London as a result of analyzing the health status and DNA of 100,000 American and British women. Scientists were interested in the structure of the genome of the study participants, the number of children, information about the birth of the first child and other data on reproductive health. The authors of the work tried to identify the relationship between reproductive behavior and the state of health of the heart and blood vessels.

Calculations showed that some reproductive factors influenced the incidence of heart and vascular diseases. In particular, having a child in the first years after puberty increased the risk of stroke and heart failure by 25%, and also increased the likelihood of coronary heart disease in later years of life by 49%. Similarly, having more than two children increased the risk of developing atrial fibrillation by almost three times, and also doubled the likelihood of strokes and ischemia.

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