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Cat troubles. Named the most common diseases in domestic cats

The findings could help veterinarians and owners better predict and prevent disease in their cats.

Fleas, worms, and even diabetes are all conditions that may come to mind when it comes to diseases in cats. A new study has revealed a comprehensive list of the most common diseases in cats, based on the veterinary records of over a million pets in the UK. The data obtained will help to better predict diseases in pets, which can help with timely and effective treatment, writes the Daily Mail .

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Gum disease tops the list of the most common diseases, followed by obesity, overgrown nails and flea infestations. The team collected data from a random sample of 18,249 cats from a study population of 1,255,130 cats in the UK. Of this sample, the most common breeds were the British Shorthair (3.01%), the Ragdoll (1.82%) and the Bengal (1.22%). Other common breeds included Maine Coons (0.93%), Persians (0.73%) and Siamese (0.68%).

The aim of the study was to understand the most common diseases in domestic cats and how they vary by age and sex. An evaluation of their veterinary records showed that, on average, cats are diagnosed with one disease each year, although older and older cats are more likely to suffer from multiple diseases.

Gum disease (15.23%) tops the list of the most common diseases, followed by obesity (11.58%), general dental disease (9.23%), overgrown nails (5.23%), flea infestation (5.07%). %) and heart murmurs (4.44%). Other conditions on the leaderboard included anorexia (1.74%), conjunctivitis (1.65%) and cystitis (1.11%).

However, male and female cats had different risks for 14 of the 30 most common diseases. Females have been found to be at higher risk for postoperative complications, overgrooming, hypersensitivity to flea bites, hyperthyroidism, and overgrown nails.

Meanwhile, male cats were more likely to suffer from gum disease, from injuries from traffic accidents and cat bites, heart murmurs, lameness, obesity, and abscesses.Age also appears to play a key role in the risk of various complications. Cats younger than eight years of age are more prone to bite injuries, traffic accidents, flea infestations, and postoperative complications. In contrast, older cats (over eight years old) had a higher risk of developing other conditions, including lameness, cystitis, and heart murmurs.

Professor Danielle Gunn-Moore, professor of feline medicine at the University of Edinburgh and co-author of the study, said: “Our country is a country of animal lovers, but this study shows that the most common diseases that affect cats are almost entirely preventable.”

“Everyone who loves cats wants to make their lives happier and healthier,” said Dan O’Neill, associate professor of pet epidemiology at the Royal Veterinary College and lead author of the article. “This study helps owners understand what dental care, weight and Parasites are key to overall cat health so that owners can better focus their care and finances on providing a better life for their cats.”

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