The number of Era-Glonass connections to imported cars has increased by an order of magnitude

Since October, the number of Era-Glonass connections to imported cars has grown tenfold

The number of imported cars in the Russian Federation, on which the domestic Era Glonass emergency response system was installed, increased 10 times in February compared to October last year, to almost 5 thousand units, RIA Novosti was told at JSC Glonass (operator Era Glonass”).

All cars imported from abroad, including parallel imports, must be equipped with SOS buttons that are connected to the Era-Glonass system. In the summer, this rule was relaxed for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, which was valid until October 1. At the same time, concessions for individuals have been extended until June 1.

“Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs have installed in-vehicle emergency call devices (UVEOS) on 13,000 cars imported into Russia through parallel imports since October 1 last year… In February, the flow of connections to Era-Glonass of imported cars by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs increased by 10 times in relation to October – up to almost 5 thousand cars,” said Alexei Raikevich, General Director of Glonass JSC.

According to him, the statistics confirm that importers today have no problems installing devices. Moreover, the partner network covers all the main directions of importing cars to Russia, is ready for an increase in demand with an increase in parallel imports and the restoration of the obligation of individuals to equip imported cars with SOS buttons. The recommended selling price of manufacturers of SOS buttons for partners of JSC Glonass does not exceed 28 thousand rubles, the top manager specified.

“Motorists who care about their safety and the health of their loved ones connect cars to Era-Glonass without waiting for June 1 and the end of the moratorium,” he stressed.

Glonass JSC also recalled that more than 9.2 million vehicles are now registered in the emergency response system. Thanks to Era-Glonass, emergency services receive the exact coordinates of the car within seconds after the accident, which speeds up the response and search for victims, increases the chances of saving the lives and health of road users.

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