The body is in black spots, he is in debt: the star of the TV series “Next” Nikolai Zazulya dies of cancer

It became known about the plight of the star of the TV series "Next" Nikolai Zazuly, who is dying of cancer

Russian actor Nikolai Zazulya has played many brutal men in various TV series over the past 20 years. In November 2021, he was diagnosed with sarcoma.

It all started with a small spot on the left hand, which at first did not hurt, and then began to grow. Similar black dots began to appear on the body, the artist decided to go to the doctor. Doctors after a biopsy reported that Zazuli had cancer.

“Over the years, I have undergone two chemotherapy treatments, my face has turned black, skin problems, work problems,” the actor said on the air of the “Beyond the Boundary” program on the NTV channel.

According to him, in the last two years he has been living from hand to mouth. He no longer has money for treatment. He is forced to ask for help from fans – they collected about 35 thousand for him.

The artist also took out a loan for the funeral of his father. Now he owes half a million to a collection company, as well as 100,000 for utility bills. The light has already been turned off for him, he charges the lamp and sometimes turns it on. In the apartment, he made himself a model of the sun – to morally help in difficult times.

The actor starred in the series “Next”, “Karpov”, “Voronins”, “Interns” and others.

The X-Files writer and producer Jeff Vlaming has died at the age of 63.

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