In the UK, tIn the UK, they announced the need to prevent a protracted conflict in Ukrainehey announced the need to prevent a protracted conflict in Ukraine

National Security Adviser to the British Prime Minister Tim Barrow said that it is necessary to prevent a protracted conflict in  Ukraine and speed up the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian army. It is reported by The Times .

According to him, Britain is considering sending long-range weapons and precision-guided munitions to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, despite the decrease in the stocks of weapons from the United Kingdom.

“We need to speed up our support. Ukraine must have the means to defend itself and be able to succeed on the battlefield,” Barrow said.

Earlier, the head of the EU Foreign Service, Josep Borrell , said that the EU and NATO need to speed up the supply of ammunition to Kiev , and then think about building a new international security system.

Prior to this, Borrell said that he would provide the ministers of defense of 27 countries of the community at a meeting on March 7-8 with proposals to accelerate the supply of weapons to Ukraine. According to him, the Ukrainian army needs a large amount of ammunition, especially for tanks and artillery.

The day before, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto reported that anti-Russian sanctions and the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine would not help stop the Ukrainian conflict.

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