COP 25 – World Climate Summit in Madrid

The 25th World Climate Conference will take place in Madrid from December 2nd to 13th – the official motto is “Time for Action”. The main goal is to decide on the last concrete regulations for the Paris Agreement and to tighten the climate protection goals.

But in the run-up to the world climate summit, the signs are not particularly good. A current greenhouse gas balance certifies that mankind continues to increase unchecked greenhouse gas emissions. And the gap between the self-commitments of the countries as part of the Paris climate protection agreement and what is necessary for the two-degree target is still large. In addition, the USA, one of the main emitters, has withdrawn from the Paris climate protection agreement .

A good 11,000 scientists have just declared a global climate emergency and are urging action to be taken quickly. And the doomsday clock is still at two minutes to twelve, partly because of the threat of climate change. Nevertheless, politicians have so far made little attempt to tackle more ambitious measures.

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