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“Yandex” became the most expensive company in Runet

Forbes: Yandex, Wildberries and Ozon topped the rating of the most expensive Runet companies

Yandex topped the ranking of the most expensive Runet companies in 2023, according to Forbes magazine, with Wildberries and Ozon taking the second and third places, respectively.

Thus, according to the publication, the cost of “Yandex” is 10.2 billion dollars. Wildberries worth $9.8 billion is in second place in the “30 Most Valuable Runet Companies 2023” rating, while Ozon is in third place with a value of $5.2 billion.

In addition, the top 10 most expensive companies include 1C (including 1C-Bitrix), Kaspersky Lab, Avito, SKB Konkur, VK, Positive Technologies and Headhunter.

It is specified that the value of public companies is fixed on February 1, 2023.

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