Telecommunications (16.01 – 15.02.2023)

The Ministry of Digital Transformation was instructed to create a single mobile operator that would cover the territories of four new entities.

MTT began serving the hotline of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Voronezh

Previously, residents of the Voronezh region could only call the call center using a city number, but now they have the opportunity to contact the federal number 8-800: it is distinguished by a high connection speed, and the call is free of charge. In addition, you can use it to leave a request to call the controller, find out about the amount of debt, get up-to-date data on tariffs, possible payment methods and other information. Since the connection, 14,500 customers of the gas supply organization have already applied to a single number.

The capital company “ATB Electronics” produced the first thousand

base stations of our own design for the industrial “Internet of things”. During the year, the enterprise’s capacity will allow to produce up to 100 thousand such products.

The lineup includes plug-in modules, a portable base station in a USB chassis and a trunk base station, which will go into production in the second quarter. The devices are completely manufactured in Moscow at the company’s own facilities.

Telfin launched Telme –

a new service that allows you to call phone numbers and receive calls directly from the Telegram application.

As in the case of calls via Telegram, to communicate via Telme, broadband data transmission services of mobile operators or a connection to Wi-FI networks are sufficient. Telme also serves as a convenient alternative to roaming and travel SIM cards: with its help, subscribers can make long-distance and international calls at the domestic tariffs of Russian operators, as if they were in Moscow or St. Petersburg, and incoming calls are not charged.

A virtual number and SMS-bot services and 100 minutes of calls within Russia are already included in the cost of the basic tariff.

Three providers for every home!

Today, every fifth Russian house has only one operator, and half of the houses have only two. “The position of the Ministry of Digital Transformation is that at least three operators should be available in every home. If there are twenty, it’s good when the technical possibility allows. Because the more operators, the lower the price,” says Maksut Shadayev.

In addition, according to the head of the department, the current procedure for accessing houses is unrealistic – within its framework, two-thirds of the apartment owners must agree that the operator will enter the house. However, at present, only 26% of owners take part in general meetings and in most cases access is carried out without their decision, this is a kind of gray area, the minister noted.

Nokia has announced the release of a set of E-band equipment,

expanding the Wavence family of products to support mobile carriers and corporate networks. The kit includes a compact UBT-m XP transceiver, a stabilized antenna and a channel aggregator.

In case of cross-border transfer, the operator must send a completed electronic notification form by March 1, 2023. It is enough to submit one notification indicating all the countries to which personal data is already transferred.

MegaFon launches Corporate PBX

The domestic solution will help organize telephone communications in large companies, as well as effectively organize the work of contact centers. Integration with any internal systems enables a seamless transition from similar foreign services, which is especially important in the context of import substitution.

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