Scientists have found out which women like risky men

Psychologists from the University of Western Australia have found that risky men are attractive to women who are looking for short-term relationships, who are in good health and have access to quality health care. The results of the study are published in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science.

More than 1,300 women from 47 countries were interviewed for the study. The scientists collected demographic information about the participants and also found out what kind of men they are attracted to. As it turned out, men who are prone to risk are more attractive for short-term affairs than for long-term relationships.

“For casual sex, women prefer bold “guys” with a good constitution. For more serious long-term relationships, women value devoted men more. Women in more developed countries have access to contraceptives and quality medicine, so they can afford to have an affair. Women from other social groups tend to refuse it, ”the scientists explained.

The study also found that bisexual women and so-called “adrenaline junkies” are more risk-averse than heterosexual and risk-averse women.

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