Pulmonologist Gambaryan told why young people suffer from “vaper disease” more often than adults

Teenagers and young adults are more likely than adults to suffer from EVALI, the “vaper disease,” which has similar symptoms to pneumonia, due to underdeveloped lungs and more frequent vaping. Marine Gambaryan, head of the Center for Prevention and Control of Tobacco Consumption of the National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine of the Russian Ministry of Health , told Gazeta.Ru about this .

“The average age of those hospitalized with EVALI is 20 years. About 15% of those hospitalized are under the age of 18. Firstly, the lungs of a teenager are indeed more vulnerable to the effects of steam – the development of lung tissue, the development of respiratory function continues until the age of 21. And if a person starts using a vape at the age of 15, of course, he runs the risk of suffering more than an adult. Secondly, young people use vapes much more often than adults. Those in their 40s, 50s may sometimes switch to vaping, for example to quit smoking. But adults do not use them as actively as teenagers, who can keep a vape out of their hands all day. It is from these factors that, as a result, a higher incidence among young people is formed, ”she explained.

Read more about why teenagers die from vaping and what are the long-term consequences of this habit for their body – in  the material of Gazeta.Ru.

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