Pulmonologist Gambaryan told what health problems await vapers in the future

Vapers face the same health problems as smokers in the future, but diseases will develop faster. Marine Gambaryan, head of the Center for Prevention and Control of Tobacco Consumption of the National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine of the Russian Ministry of Health , told Gazeta.Ru about this .

“Based on the available research, it can be said that chronic damage to the body will develop faster and more aggressively than with smoking. Yes, vape vapor does not contain, for example, tar, but there are a lot of other substances that can harm the body. Ultimately, vaping, like smoking, leads to atherosclerosis, intravascular inflammation, thrombosis and the development of diseases mediated by these conditions, including heart attacks and strokes. In some cases, five years is enough for this, but usually it takes more time, ”she said.

Animal studies show that regular exposure to steam leads to irreversible DNA damage in the cells of the lungs, heart, bladder, and increases the risk of cancer, Gambaryan added. There are studies linking vaping to impotence.

“More accurate data can be obtained if a whole generation grows up that will vape. But I hope that it will not come to this and that the problem of vaping will be solved earlier,” she concluded.

Read more about why teenagers die from vaping and who is at risk of suffering from the “vaper disease” EVALI in the  Gazeta.Ru article .

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